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Ropescrew Technology

TedTec developed the revolutionary Ropescrew technology as the only soft attachment that can be fixed to a substrate from one side!

This makes it ideal for spars, side deck and cockpit floors. The Ropescrew by TedTec is the only soft fitting attachment in the world with structural holding capacity that can be attached from just one side to any flat or curved surface.

With a Patent Pending on this simple, but effective product, we are excited to launch this unique product with unlimited applications to various industries, direct to the public.

Featured Products

<strong>ROPESCREW</strong><br>M12 Block (RF35101)
<strong>ROPESCREW</strong><br>M12 Tail
<strong>TITANIUM ROPESCREW</strong><br>M12 Ti Tap (3/16” BSW TAPPED INSIDE)

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With a wide range of products to be applied on both flat and curved surfaces, in all environments, this unique product will not disappoint!
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Why TedTec?

Trusted, effective & reliable.

This unique product can be installed with ease to make light work of your chosen application. Providing peace of mind it can fix a soft attachment to a substrate from just one side.
TedTec will open up a range of possibilities where previously this technology was not an option.

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