TedTec was built off the passion for developing the sailing community through innovation and technology. The idea of the need for a low-profile soft attachment came about when founder, Andrew York was sailing VX Ones that had a range of stainless steel saddle attachment points on the cockpit. These are painful to stand on, even in boots, and if you fall on them it can be excruciating. He set out to design the most innovative, light, strong, and effective fittings for all manner of use.


Our Why

We are inspired to create the most innovative, light, strong, and effective fittings for all manner of uses. If you want the cleanest and most functional set up on your boat TedTec have the products for you.

  • 2015

    Andrew built a sportsboat (Reo 7.7 m) and installed all the soft fixings through the cockpit floor before it was laminated to the hull. While this worked well it is not something you could ask a builder to do when making a boat. It was clear that the industry needed a low profile screw to hold the line to form a soft fixing.

  • 2018

    Purchasing a button head socket screw, Andrew drilled a hole through the middle and passed a Dyneema line with a knot in the end. The screw held during testing and showed no signs of movement, it was here he decided it would be worthwhile prototyping and further had some screws CNCed up to his design by a company in Sydney.

  • 2019

    The testing of these prototypes was successful and the order was sent to do a production run of the Ropescrews.

    REO 7.7m One Design Sportsboat uses approx 50 Acetal and Titanium Ropescrews throughout the fit-out.

  • 2021

    Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Mat Belcher joins TedTec to further spread the awareness to the sailing community.

    "To partner with TedTec, to go deeper into this space shows you how much I believe in it."

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